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Who We Are

``If you want something really good, do something really awesome!``

Grow your company, make money, and build your relationships. Godenriq is one of the world’s most innovative and effective management coaching and consulting company opportunity.

The Godenriq System steps it up for leaders and points the way to exceptional management and growth. The unique Godenriq process is powerful, non-offensive, and best of all, it is well-received by managers, employees, and customers.  The Godenriq System improves lives and organizations.

Godenriq is the stress-free, gold standard for management coaching and consulting for organizational success.

On Purpose

Focus is only good if you are focused on the right thing. Godenriq's focus is ``On Purpose.`` Whether conducting seminars, summits, coaching or consulting, we help our clients focus on what really matters--Staying On Purpose.

Corporate Mission

Our mission is, move organizations past slow-growth or stagnation and execute the Godenriq scale-up process. The Godenriq System™ is the most aggressive executive decision-making program on the market. Our mission is your success.

People and Values

Godenriq has two core values when it comes to people: “Good Faith & Fair Dealing” and “As I Prosper, You Prosper.” It is our experience that when we stay true to these values, everyone and everything else takes care of itself.

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President and CEO

Thomas Beaty

Thomas Beaty is a uniquely qualified business visionary who specializes in innovative yet practical, results-based, bottom-line solutions for organizations that want to get to the front, stay in the front, and win! Tom says, There has never been a more urgent time for success than now.

Tom has worked as a Fortune 500 executive and adviser to companies employing from 20 to 6,000 employees, revenues ranging from $2 M to $1.5 B, and in a variety of industries: Aviation, Healthcare, Food Service, Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering, Transportation, and Distribution.

Tom has a degree in Psychology, Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Post-Graduate studies in Corporate Organization and Management specializing in Leadership.

Tom’s unique career gives him the knowledge and experience to understand how the most successful entrepreneurs and executives think and act. In addition to being President and Founder of Godenriq, Tom has been responsible for Corporate Financial Planning, Human Resource Management, Corporate Strategic Planning, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Mergers & Acquisitions, IT Program Design and Management, Multi-Site Management, and Greenfield Startups.

Tom’s definition of success: Enjoy life by being successful at what you do best.

What We Do

We take managers and leaders to the next level.

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Are you ready to learn something that will change your life?

Piloting to Prosperity

The Art and Skill of Staying On Purpose While Avoiding Disaster


Godenriq wants you to succeed and succeed quickly. Accordingly, our material is focused on very successful practices; practices based on time-tested and sound business wisdom. And, while “time-tested,” the presentation and material is innovative, fresh, and most of all, empowering.

Godenriq is a content-driven company delivering unparalleled business knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  Remember, you’re just one call, a few tweaks and a brilliant decision or two away from achieving your vision.


You’re passionate about your company, it Vision and continued success. You’re a winner and you know it. Yet, your company is not where it needs to be or should be. Growth is slow — if at all. Worst of all, with some, progress stops with every believable excuse for failure rather than working toward success and getting breakthroughs. Day after day, even months go by and you go home frustrated, disappointed and emotionally exhausted. And yet, your competition continues to gobble up market share (We know why!)

If this is your situation, then we have good news. Godenriq has powerful management and leadership solutions to your problem. Solutions that help you pilot your organization past malaise and vacillation and on to prosperity. Our goal, pass to you the proven insights and tools that will get you beyond your present challenges.


The leader’s responsibility is to overcome organizational inertia, not to fall prey to the “blame game” or “plausible excuses” for continued failure and entropy.

Godenriq has solutions and for the first time we are sharing them with executives at large. Your situation is real, your intuition is correct, and so are our solutions. The knowledge you gain in our seminar is power! It’s the power to understand and overcome corporate inertia; the power to influence outcomes—to get best ever results. This is real power.


In 2014, Forbes reported that $130 B was invested in corporate training (with a particular emphasis on leadership development). Another study reported that 90% of what people hear is lost within 14 days. Because Professional Development is an investment in “you” and your organization,  the information should be memorable.

The good news, Godenriq’s material is memorable. Participants receive exclusive Godenriq’s Memory Tools. These fun one-of-a-kind mnemonic memory devices ensure that our life-changing concepts are recalled, days, months and years later. Our Memory Tools are awesome – they are game changers.


This is your grand opportunity. You can only get this information and these tools through Godenriq. We deliver content with the passionate executive in mind. Executives that want more than “fluff” and repackaged material, we deliver Meat and Potatoes” – with a side of Apple Pie.

Our information is powerful. It’s information heretofore unavailable to the public; it’s the “secret stuff” of which success is made. It’s creative, insightful and, above all, empowering. Best of all, what you receive from Godenriq improves your company, and your life – forever.

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